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Within a few clicks, our advanced search helps you select the ideal pump tubing for your fluid transfer needs.

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Performance Factors

Life Factors

Extensive testing has been performed to determine the factors that affect tubing life in peristaltic pump applications. No tubing will last forever but by following some simple guidelines, pump tubing life can be extended. Consider these guidelines when selecting the most appropriate pump tubing for your application so you can design your systems to obtain optimum pump tubing life.

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Physical Characteristics

The range of physical demands on a pump tubing system is too broad for one universal tubing solution. Our Pump Tubing Finder is here to serve as a general guide in your selection of tubing. Consulting with experts in the early stages of equipment development will assure that the optimum formulation and configuration choices are made. Choices can be selected from a number of existing formulations or can be custom tailored to your own specifications.

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