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Tygon® S-97-E Medical/Surgical Tubing -- Designed for use in open heart surgery and other critical applications. Crystal clear, nontoxic and non-hemolytic.

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Tygon® S-97-E Medical/Surgical Tubing

Since the first open-heart surgery in the 1960s, doctors,surgeons and other healthcare professionals have come to recognize TYGONŽ as the definitive tubing to use with blood in peristaltic pump applications. Today,TYGONŽ S-50-HL continues to be the tubing of choice for bypass procedures as well as for use in numerous clinical, biological and pharmaceutical applications. With the increasingly complex nature of medical devices used in applications such as chemotherapy, dialysis and minimally invasive surgery, highly specialized modifications of TYGONŽ healthcare tubings have been developed to meet specific demands. While these new challenges have broadened the TYGONŽ family of products,one thing has never changed: the high quality and consistent performance of TYGONŽ tubing.

Features & Benefits

• Crystal clear for easy visualization of fluid flow
• Ideal for contact with blood
• Flexible and resilient with established performance in peristaltic pump applications
• Non-wetting surface permits complete drainage
• Documented biocompatibility to ISO 10993 standards
• Meets USP Class VI criteria

Typical Applications:

• Minimally invasive devices
• Medical laboratories
• Blood and
• Dialysis equipment
• Wound drainage
• Inhalation equipment
• Chemotherapy drug delivery
• Pharmaceutical handling

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