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Tubing Selection Guide

Tubing Selection Guide

The information presented on this site is intended to serve as a guide for selection and specification of pump tubing. Proper use of this information will lead to the design of systems which provide both optimized tubing performance and overall increased productivity.

In choosing the right tubing for your application there are several factors to consider. Listed below are questions which will help direct you to the selection of the proper tubing for your specified application.

1. What fluid(s) is to be transported?

2. What range of temperatures will the tubing be subjected to?

3. What is the maximum line pressure or vacuum?

4. Are specific dimensional tolerances required?

5. What degree of tubing flexibility is desired?

6. What are the conditions of the ambient environment?

7. Is the clarity of tubing important?

8. Is there a minimum bend radius required?

9. What regulatory documentation is needed? (i.e., FDA, ISO 10993, USP, etc.)

10. What method(s) of cleaning and/or sterilization are to be employed?

11. Is resistance to flexural fatigue or abrasion important?

12. Is particle spallation of tubing a concern while used in a peristaltic pump?

13. Will the level of extractability affect the transported fluid?

14. Will any fluid loss or alteration through sorption (adsorption/absorption) affect your final results?

15. Is disposal of contaminated tubing an issue?

16. Will particle entrapment resulting in increased risk of bacterial growth be a concern?

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