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Effect of Sterilization on the Mechanical Properties of Silicone Rubbers
By: Emilie Gautriaud, Keith T. Stafford, Jennifer Adamchuk, Mark W. Simon and Duan Li Ou
In the medical and biopharmaceutical fields, millions of silicone rubber-based tools and devices must be sterilized on a daily basis. During the sterilization process, silicone components are commonly exposed to various types of treatments, including single or multiple doses of radiation. While these processes are essential for sanitizing rubber parts, they often have an adverse effect on the integrity of the material. In this study, we evaluate the mechanical properties of three types of commercially available silicone rubbers (platinum cured liquid silicone rubber LSR, platinum cured high consistency rubber HCR, and peroxide cured high consistency rubber HCR) before and after sterilization (gamma irradiation, e-beam irradiation, and ethylene oxide EtO treatment). Our findings on the compatibility of various sterilization mechanisms with different silicone types will provide guidance to medical device designers on material selection and sterilization limitations.
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Sani-Tech® Ultra The Ultimate Low Extractable Silicone Tubing
Sani-Tech® Ultra is low extractable platinum-cured silicone tubing developed especially for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and laboratory applications. This premium tubing answers the need for a fluid transport vehicle that would help optimize performance by minimizing the level of extractables in its body. The low level of extractables that leach out from the silicone tubing is a major concern for a wide range of biopharm applications as it would lead to contamination in the fluid path.
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